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Un modo especial de respirar

Ligeïa Ozanne and Pablo Dompé

Curator: Andrés Waissman

09.03.22 - 30.04.22

A special way of breathing

    In space, notes and calls, indecipherable maps that, like all of them, are certainly liars. A crossroads of lines that are the structure of a fluctuating worldview, unfinished but resounding. Two protagonists.


    Two artists who talk to each other and join together make up an image that refers to the urgency of integration in this time of suffocation. It is impossible to imagine "serenity", "balance", when we are so vulnerable. It is also not possible to imagine that it is necessary. We are orphans and in this transit we are also parents.


     The works of Ligeïa and Pablo make us feel that we are not helpless; both formats, somehow, tie around us.

   In the sculptural objects, the wood crosses the printed matter, but the pencil draws, austere, crossroads on paper supported on the walls. The soft, the fragile, the robust, the durable; they fight and talk openly in this ensemble.

    The works evoke a special way of breathing, or are they the ones who, through their works, propose to walk slowly, to read skillfully? Away from preconceptions, these two visions or expressions have different roots, but they confess themselves as an opposing group in a dialogue. Both require attention, they are artists, they are vital and in a certain way they are building their discourse in the midst of irascibility. Evils of times that sometimes, as in this case; they attract, approach, reveal diverse forms, plural languages: other rafts in the ocean. In this proposal, the work of both artists gains even more strength by sharing the stage because there is something that is not coincidence or chance or forced.

      It is a whole: a shared universe.

 Andrés Waissman
Buenos Aires, march 2022

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