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Gachi Prieto is a platform for production, research and reflection in the field of contemporary Latin American art. From Buenos Aires, it works with the full commitment to promote projects and artists that are part of this complex system, constantly searching for new meanings and focusing her work on experimentation and respect for creative processes.


Located in Palermo, with a space of 200m2, the gallery points to the possibility of prioritizing the exhibition of the most contemporary work formats and is constituted as an open place for interaction, meetings and shared experiences between the public and the artists, designed to promote the discussion and expand the field of art creation, production, circulation and commercialization.


Currently, Gachi Prieto represents 20 Latin American artists with an outstanding local and international career. The program of 8 exhibitions per year encourages interdisciplinary, conceptual and spatial crossovers in a variety of media including sculpture, video, sound, painting, photography and performance. The gallery is recognized for revealing and consolidating the career of its artists and for supporting them in presenting exhibitions on an institutional scale, achieving an increasingly notorious position on the international art scene.

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