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Sad tropics.

Kirsten Mosel, Lorena Marchetti, Nora Aslan, Sebastián Camacho

Curator: Federico Baeza

6.5.17  - 16.6.17

Hazy panoramic views over the soulless urban landscape photographed by Lorena Marchetti: from above, people are dwarfed, the mood of a bluish haze ravages as the only presence. A peacock with its tail folded turns its back to us as it moves away into the shadow, its spectral figure was captured by the gaze of Nora Aslan.

Sebastián Camacho also walks away, neatly cuts out images of the remains of cities after the catastrophe on record books, no one is seen there either, only the relaxed figure of the devastated reigns. The dark and soft sculptures of Kirsten Mosel in this context seem to evoke the image of two concentrated monks, static as if they had stopped their journey for a moment, this land is not something of their concern. These are the images that color the shadowy atmosphere of the room.

Separation from the world, seclusion in the distance. Even in the dense toxic web of interactive paraphernalia proposed by the networks, users apply their favorite filters to upload solitary and bucolic postcards to Instagram. The title Tristes tropicos, taken from the famous book by Lévi-Strauss, cuts out a retired geography, anchorite. It is the retreat of contemporary Robinsons who seek sober isolation, the estrangement of their ties with the environment, their islands are an intimate and disconnected state of mind.

Federico Baeza

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