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While I'm sleeping

Nino Cais

4.4.18  -  5.5.18

While I'm sleeping Nino Cais

A dream with sides

1 / The glory of art is in becoming a strange form before us. It reaches with so little ...
It is not necessary to hang large metal structures made by underpaid assistants, or to use jerky software that invents two-color shapes, or to enclose dolls, modules and the entire room to look excessive. The excess is true in the moment where the sensation revives for a second and says that things are not so. Like here, that happens in this room. I have been telling all this Arte Chico for some time, an art that puts its strength in liquidating languages ​​with prudence, without fuss. Boy art is also a literal idea. It is enough to go, for example, to see the portrait that Henri Rousseau made of his father and that is hung on the first floor of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Rousseau made small art in an exponential way, from various sides of his life, his style, his way of seeing and his way of painting.

2 / There are works that have a lopsided center. The humility of his arrogance is in distinguishing himself by what is normal. It may go unnoticed in the thinking of biennials but it attributes to the spectator strolling the city a feeling: “look, capable that it is enough to cut a bad leaf. To cut it badly is to cut with style ”. The viewer thinks of evil and knows that any technique is endowed with time and discursive or cultural strategies to do so, naturally. Because we don't know why we grab a scissors like we do. But we can grab for the side of the surface that no one grabs. Nino takes the materials inside, explodes them and wraps them. The shell of the material is also that of the image, which opens a groove in itself, to achieve the effect of a spell. All this with nothing, with almost nothing: a photo from an art magazine, nails, a ruler, a little glue and something to cut.

3 / We are in the manifestation of a tension between inside and outside that is not resolved. Lucio Fontana pulled back the canvas, radicalized it. That is why the tip of the rail of the art of looking forward from behind is in his work and has as one of its stations Nino himself, Lygia Clark or, in this country, Max Gómez Canle, who unchecked the frames of his paintings so that the sky breaks into a false square. Nino provides images that come from mythical actions. I imagine three. A pointed shovel poking through ordinary images or jingling ones. A guillotine cutting where it hurts the most. A face ripped off by hand, as if Bacon had gone doubly mad over his paintings.

4 / Dreams always end at the worst and at the best time. They have the intensity of a meanwhile. They dance in their passing force. They laugh at the expectation. They are awake at the moment when the head sleeps and the body does not. The moment there is a conflict between desire and mandate. In these works the clairvoyance of geometry and the alternative art of lines and color are buried to order what we have to confess although we do not dare. The appearance of poor images for good (girls) of art. The surprise of finding volume in the game, noise in the vision, rest of the reflections and a proposal with a rhythm of definition: sleeping is a way of saying that something that belongs to us is being done and that it contributes to a world that only we know , a territory that luckily we find it difficult to describe.

Juan Laxagueborde

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