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Incidents I - IX.

Sebastian Camacho

Curator:     Luciana Garcia Belbey

22.6.17  - 30.7.17

In Incidences I-IX, Sebastián Camacho Ramírez presents nine of his most recent works. This grouping of drawings, paintings and openwork forms a polyphonic chorus in a spatial scenic device that unites them.

The works are supported by a repertoire of lecterns arranged in a circular way in the room. The scene allows us to go through them, to revolve around them. Each piece invites us to come closer, to lean over it in order to see in detail the complex plot that makes it up. Camacho is interested in conditioning the behavior of visitors in front of his works: he designs the staging and the display that his works will have in space. Here he proposes us to slow down our walk, forces us to stop, creates a climate prone to contemplation. It encourages us to scrutinize each stroke, each cut. Here the time is another.

Leaving clues and traces so that viewers can weave meanings and connect ideas, it leads us to think about the complexity of the little things that surround us: a feather, a dove, the urban fabric, the sea. But it also invites us to reflect on artistic practice itself. The palette, the notebook, brings us closer to the creative act, to the exercise of painting. With these works, the lonely moment of creation, the workshop space, the intimate world of the artist are revealed before our eyes.

Camacho wonders the meaning of his job in a world full of images. The delicacy and meticulousness of his works makes us think about this existential question, also about the very fragility of life and the drifts and detours that can occur in it. Returning to the title of the exhibition, an incident is an event or event that occurs (in a somewhat random way) during the development of a process and that has a relationship and influence on it. In the artist's own words "I am interested in dwelling on the momentary structure of the accidents that I use as a reference: they allow me to integrate into clear methodologies, or concrete procedures, the uncertainty of the final result and the acceptance of contingencies".

Luciana Garcia Belbey

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