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Write the space.

Alan Segal, Cecilia Catalin, Hernán Soriano,

Lorena Fernández, María Ferrari Hardoy, Pablo Cavallo, Sabrina Merayo Núñez

Samuel Lasso, Sofía Durrieu, Verónica Calfat

Curator: María Alejandra Gatti

1.9.17  - 30.9.17

a frame can write space

space can be a notebook

a notebook can be ceramic

a broken pottery

it can be a vase

a vase can be on a cloth

a cut cloth can be a haiku

a haiku can be electric


it can be my hand

a hand can be seen as a line

a black line can draw the shape of a tree

a tree can

be cement

cement can float on water

water can be glass

the perfume of a glass can be in a word

the word

it can be matter

matter can be worked as an object

objects in space can play syntax

the syntax

can set up a visual fabric

visualizing can be a way of writing

write can be cut out

words within a shape

the shape of a text can expand the curation to the sheet

the blade can be a

physical, ideological, aesthetic and historical space


Maria Alejandra Gatti

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