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Ignacio Chico


This exhibition, curated by Andrés Waissman, will take place at El Patio of the Gachi Prieto Gallery from November 5 to December 9, 2020.

Covacha (tolderías) is an installation that evokes a XIX century pampa region toldería and is part of an investigation called Proyecto Filiación around the memory of the Malvinas War experience of Ignacio Chico's father... 

Cathédrale is an installation in the form of a chapel or a small-scale Catholic church, constituted from an investigation called "Friend of Psychoanalysis" around the metaphysical concerns of the artist and the link between religion and psychoanalysis, where his maternal filiation is framed. 

Momentum is a series of photographs in wet collodion that represents the instant of the throwing of a grenadier to the cry of "Long live the Fatherland!

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