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Nora Aslan

Curatorial text by: María Alejandra Gatti

07.05.22 - 16.06.22


    Getting lost // A red star filters in the middle of the night. It is an unknown planet that was hidden behind the sun. Days go by and it's still there. Getting bigger and bigger. The sky changes color, it becomes more intense, stronger, so much so that it seems artificial from the saturated. It's beautiful, it looks like the northern lights but without being in the north. The star advances and from the earth it feels close. It is an amorphous and powerful energy that invades and approaches at an impossible speed. The crash with the earth is imminent, when they touch, everything ends. It is the apocalypse, the end, that moment so
narrated, prophesied and expected that can quickly be recognized. Something like this happens in the film by Lars Von Trier when the planet Melancholy erupts and faced with the threat of the end, two sisters are faced with that possibility: the world may end and it is now.

     We have all been close to something terrifying in recent years, not because of the idea of a planet exploding against ours, but because of the force of something out of control, the uncertainty of a diffuse present and at the highest points, some that threat of the end. Facing collapse, stillness. The limit, the confinement, the reduced spaces and the care from the prohibitive. DO NOT go out, DO NOT touch, DO NOT share.

     A blackout that changed the sharpness of things. He left us blind for a while until slowly, in the exercise of accommodating the view, flashes began to appear, deformed, strange, but they were bringing some sense. Chaos inevitably proposes other configurations, another arrangement of things, another order of factors. Moving your eyes and reading that shape can be inspiring: the explosion can be beautiful, new colors can appear, reflections, vibrations and even the movement of the earth can be moving.

      Under that dim light that colored the perception of the world, Nora Aslan continued to exercise her gaze and launched herself in search of the unknown. She walked into the darkness and began to play, like entering a forest at night ready to lose herself.

    The tour was intense, walking in the dark is dangerous. However, something happened, a series of actions began to chain and bring these discoveries that we find together today: the sky, the planets, the crash, the loss, the forest, the lights, the new colors. Like taking a kaleidoscope and moving it until all the images are mixed and continue to make sense.

       The Blackout // close your eyes and see what starts to leak / start walking in the dark / see new colors / the ones that the apocalypse brings or that field of uncertainty / red, green, yellow, gray / keep walking without know how to return home / fall / lose memory / follow instinct / work with those remnants left by memory / bits of familiar images / parts we thought were no longer useful / make new references / build new relationships from those remnants / of the new stimuli / those that appear with the colors of the deformed sky / of the fear of the unknown path / of the pain of the fall / of loss / Nora walks on the winding / on the NO / walks
through the forest / watches the planets collide / and laughs / plays / and builds his characters / generates encounters full of irony / momentum / characters
who watch / who are attentive / who spy and laugh / because fear can be funny / because in the end the journey is time / and that
situated dimension / of being able to feel our feet walking on the grass / of having our eyes open waiting for the light to appear / it is the time of life / it is the present that defines us / and on that experience we exist / that is where Nora expands / there it explodes / of light / light of strange colors / there it explodes / and its nuances appear / of saturated color / of visual enjoyment / of sharp encounters / strange / sinister / ironic and joyful / baby heads / portraits / fragments / books / readings / fantastic characters / monstrous / animals / feathers / remains /


     Caleidoscopio // part of a process crossed by chained actions. Actions that were responses to a context plagued by NO can. A limiting context, which despite its density, was the setting for a series of unexpected findings. The exhibition presents a series of recent and unpublished works carried out by Nora Aslan in full confinement. A work that unfolds a new repertoire of meanings, which once again works on the fragment, but is launched to explore and reread its own archive, and to submerge itself in the uncertainty of the environment. Caleidoscopio is a journey through hidden treasures, impossible discoveries, witnesses and images that change meaning and generate surprising relationships.

 María Alejandra Gatti
Buenos Aires, may 2022

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