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1986, Buenos Aires,  Argentina

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In an almost poetic way, Andrés de Rose looks for silhouettes, lines and other plastic elements that propose sensuality to the figure, privileging the feminine as a fundamental component that acquires more prominence than the masculine. This sensitivity is not only expressed in figurative terms, but also in terms of color. “In my scheme, black is where feelings are born and lodge, white is where they evolve, fly and shine, and color is in the middle, as a bridge between darkness and light. I use it to provide temperatures”, explains the artist.

The perceptive work of Andrés De Rose, in which the most geometric sense of an overwhelmed nature is appreciated, manages to find beauty in creatures that even get to horrify some people from their insignificance. An act that does not arise spontaneously, but rather arises from a philosophical reflection, which goes hand in hand with the way this creator has of living art: to understand more and more contemporary life and induce his own catharsis and that of the viewer, from an abstract, subliminal, poetic language.

Lía Alvear, 2017
Arte al Límite 


Hoja negra




Black leaf
A stone that is cold sits on the edge of a sketch. It is cold but exudes heat, it operates in silence without anyone seeing it, slow, stealthy and precise. It has edges that are not clear in the dark, it does not matter, the shape prevails.
A notebook contains an organism that falls apart in space.
A pad of white sheets exhibits rituals at right angles, they are sketches behind an idea that mutates in the act of walking.
A black leaf extends in the subtle plane, expands, crawls, unfolds as the opposite and vibrates in its essence of border.
A painting that submits its own strength runs through the box, it is too small for him, but it enters, cuts out and invades, opens, climbs, and asserts itself on the plane that supports it.
Hypothesis that crawls and becomes an object stops and takes a body, breathes and emerges between days of suffocation.
Lines that were once a ceiling are erased in soft forms.
The idea of a plenary session that was, today is particle.
Fuzzy nebula.
It expands.

María Alejandra Gatti and María Waissman.



Fortuitous Space


In Andrés de Rose's Fortuitous Space series we are caught by the challenging whites and the deep blacks of an artist affirmed in these enigmas. In straight lines that overlap others, breaking substantially suggestive spaces, decidedly populated by that firm construction that offers us a look at the terrain, without accidents but with the intrinsic conception of a non-place or of a possible space, a kind of temporary shelter. Barely lighter or darker grays intervene zones, in each work the balanced composition is exactitude and it subjugates the rest that accommodates its edges in the universe of absolute abstraction. It is a body of work that is opening up new possibilities, that impresses with its solidity but more for its contribution, in a dangerous and difficult field, because you have to fight if you want, with the background of these currents, and Andrés surprises and comes out gracefully. It is a different image, it is another proposal, it is essentially pure.

ENTROPIA 5 25 x 25.jpg