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María Elisa Luna, Sebastián Camacho

Curator: Santiago Bengolea

13.5.16  - 17.6.16

The use of technologies, taking advantage of knowledge in the digital age, allows us to overcome limitations and represents a true revolution with respect to the traditional processes of image construction, layer by layer. Contributing exclusively where necessary, until achieving the desired geometry, is the way in which María Elisa Luna and Sebastián Camacho work analogically what is done in Photoshop software with the layer addition tool.

Sheets arranged behind the transparent glass of the gallery façade on which an image is built, through which - in their empty parts - what is behind can be seen; these layers are worked one by one independently.

The successive superposition of papers manipulated by the artists, makes the consolidation of the material in each of the layers, which is achieved in a different way depending on the technology: folds, openwork, manual operations until the expected object is achieved.

An illusion, reality ... how far can I see, what do I see? The precise abstract, a mysterious landscape, the layers of the sky, the layers of the gaze.

Santiago Bengolea

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